We Turn Back The Clock On Computer Disasters

Servers fail. Computers die. Hackers infiltrate systems and hold critical data for ransom. Time Traveler protects your business by providing complete data backup and full recovery support.

Learn How We Micro-Manage Your Backups


Concierge Level Data Protection

We take a unique and comprehensive approach to data backup, providing you with the assurance that your company’s data is always backed up and readily accessible. Time Traveler Backups actively micro-manages this process, so you can focus your attention exclusively on your core business.

Time Traveler runs unattended without user intervention or interruption to normal business operations, and everything you need (hardware, software, installation, training, support, monitoring, and disaster recovery) is included in one monthly subscription.

Where we truly shine is during restore. Our concierge restore service guarantees your data can be fully restored, because we painstakingly monitor your backups to make sure they are happening, as promised, and can be readily restored.

Have you ever had to restore your backups by yourself? Exactly. 


Hourly Backups

Time Traveler takes a complete image of your entire system, including your operating systems, programs, and configurations every hour*, so we can quickly and remotely restore your system to the exact state it was in when a snapshot was taken.

AES-256 Encryption

Time Traveler encrypts every backup image from the moment it is taken and keeps it encrypted for as long as it is stored. 

NAS Backup Server

We provide every Time Traveler customer* with an NAS backup server. This “network attached storage” device is connected to your network, rather than your PCs, for added security and accessibility.

Full Year Of Daily Backups

Time Traveler backs up not only your data files, but also your operating systems, programs and configuration, creating complete copies of your system that are maintained for at least a full year*.

Hand-Loaded Full Backups

In addition to providing offsite backups at multiple geographically distant sites, we maintain an in-house backup at our offices, for speed in recovering lost or compromised data.

In-Office Testing

We keep a copy of your backups at our office, where we monitor and test them daily.

Multiple Amazon Data Centers

Backup images are uploaded over the internet to multiple Amazon S3 data centers.

Amazon Glacier Data Archiving

As an added level of redundancy, your backups are moved to Amazon Glacier for long-term 99.999999999% durable storage.


* Time Traveler Backups Lite backs up once daily, backups are maintained for 90 days, and are cloud-based only.


What People Are Saying

  • We recently needed to move the entire contents of a satellite office’s server to a different machine in our main office. Time Traveler Backups took a complete backup and restored it to a spare workstation in a matter of hours. It was great to be able to see what would happen in the event of an actual server failure and backup. I was impressed!

    Dr. Massey Willingham, Trussville Pediatric Dentistry

  • When I was told that our server had been attacked and infected by the CryptoWall ransomware, I can honestly say that we didn’t panic or ever consider paying the ransom. I knew our Time Traveler Backups backup and disaster recovery system protected us against such attacks and we could easily recover anything that we needed from our backup images.

    David Jones, Hollyhock Leadership Centre

  • I recently upgraded my workstation to Windows 10 and after a couple of days regretted that decision because my machine ran so slow that it was unusable. I tried the Windows 10 uninstall and now I know it doesn’t work. Fortunately I backup my machine with Time Traveler. I knew that since there was no way to uninstall the Windows 10 upgrade, my only choice was to do a restore from my Time Traveler backup images and take my machine back to Windows 7 Professional. With the help of Time Traveler, we booted my machine with the recovery CD-ROM and restored my entire machine from a backup that was taken 4 days earlier (and back to Windows 7 Professional). I was back in business in 2 hours. If I had not been using the Time Traveler backup and disaster recovery service, recovering from this misadventure would have taken me weeks and I don’t know if I could have ever gotten the machine back to its exact configuration. I will continue to invest in Time Traveler as long as I am computing.

    Bob Schwoeffermann, Ledgerwood Associates

  • We recently purchased a new high-end server for our office. Once it was up and running we realized that it was not configured correctly and the performance was actually worse than the 5+ year old server we were replacing. Time Traveler diagnosed the problem, backed up the entire system, worked with our hardware vendor to fix the issue, and restored the entire system over a long weekend. Time Traveler stepped in and got us out of a difficult situation and did it with zero downtime on their end throughout the entire process. Their attention to detail and accessibility during the transition was exactly what we needed for such a delicate situation and they proved to be a vital part of getting our very busy practice running efficiently.

    Blair B. Bennett, Children's Dentistry of Central Alabama

  • As always, thanks for looking out for us. This level of proactive service is what I absolutely love about y'all... Finding the problems before they’re a problem and having the solution ready. Awesome stuff. I really can’t say enough good things about the service you provide. Thanks again.

    Dr. Ben Contratto, DMD

  • After a recent software upgrade we found that our server would no longer boot. Time Traveler Backups was able to connect remotely, restore a backup image (that was made just prior to the upgrade), and all this was completed at around 9:30pm. This allowed us to open the office the next morning without downtime or additional stress. I’ve always known that computer backups were important, but now I fully understand that it is the help during the restore and the commitment to stay on the job until things are running again that makes Time Traveler Backups different.

    Dr. Zackary Jones, Mt Cheaha Dental

  • I cannot thank Time Traveler Backups enough for the service they continue to provide us. Anytime we ever have a question it is answered immediately. We especially appreciate them when we upgraded Dentrix recently and had a corrupt file, within the hour we were restored and running seamlessly with no problems whatsoever thanks to them. We have been customers for years and will always recommend them. The service they provide is top notch and customer service cannot not be matched.

    We will never have to worry about our back up service thanks to Larry and Buddy!

    Dr. Kevin Alexander, DDS, Alexander Dentistry

  • My company has used Larry and Time Traveler for over 15 years. We have experienced ransomware attacks and each time, Larry and his team have us back up and running with in 24 hours or less, without EVER paying a ransom! We highly recommend Larry and Time Traveler Backups!

    Tom Mayfield, President, M3 Resources

  • Harvest Select Catfish has used Time Traveler Backups since 2006. We have had many times that Larry came to our rescue to retrieve our data and allow us little or no down time. No down time in our processing environment is vital for our farms, plants and customers. We appreciate Time Traveler Backups.

    Randy Rhodes, President, Harvest Select Catfish and Steel Steel City Seafoods

  • I’ve seen Larry work miracles!

    Stan Tumlin, President, Computer Business Applications

  • Within a matter of a few weeks after we moved to Time Traveler at Longevity Quest and at Petra Life Services to handle our backup and recovery, we had a system failure that Larry was able to recover within a very short period of time, saving us a lot of time and trouble. We have not yet had a ransomware attack, but we rest easy that we are ready if they come. At my age sleeping well at night is important. Thanks, Larry!

    Steve Briggs, CEO, Longevity Quest and Petra Life Services

  • Restore was great! I messed up an Excel file yesterday so I restored it from backup. From start to finish, it took 90 seconds. The Backup Manager is so easy to use. Most Backup/Restore software I’ve seen over the years is confusing, jargon-laden and makes me nervous that I’m about to overwrite the whole drive, not just a single file. Yours is easy to understand and REALLY fast!!

    Bruce Gardner, Owner, Arx Business Solutions

  • I’m glad we have a partnership with you and Time Traveler Backups. You do a great job for us at the Alabama Dental Association and for our members who avail themselves of the company’s excellent services.

    Dr. Zach Studstill, Executive Director, Alabama Dental Association

  • We are delighted to announce this new partnership with Time Traveler Backups.  Computer backup and disaster recovery is extremely important to our membership because it provides the protection that is required to keep their offices running and assists in fulfilling the HIPAA requirements for protection of patient data.

    Shannon Coker, Executive Director of Mississippi Dental Association

  • We are delighted to announce this new partnership with Time Traveler Backups. Computer backup and disaster recovery is extremely important to our membership because it provides the protection that is required to keep their offices running and assists in fulfilling the HIPAA requirements for protection of patient data. With Louisiana being a coastal state, our members need this service.

    Annette Droddy, CEO of Louisiana Dental Services and Executive Director of the Louisiana Dental Association

  • We were trying to free up space on our server and deleted a number of files/folders by accident.

    Time Traveler Backups was able to restore everything we needed from a backup that was approximately 70 days back in time.  Thank you so much for your help on this! We appreciate you.

    Maribeth Hawks, CS Beatty Construction

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