Technology Is The Lifeblood Of Your Business

Your technology—your servers, workstations, and the files, applications and operating system on them—is one of your most critical assets. Too many businesses delegate the protection this asset to someone who may lack the capacity, will or expertise to properly safeguard it against the numerous threats that exist today. Our BDR experts will manage the entire process and ensure that your technology is backed up, accessible and ready to be restored quickly when a need arises.

You take care of your employees. You take care of your customers.  It’s time to take care of your data.


40% of all companies that experience a major disaster will go out of business if they cannot gain access to their data within 24 hours.


71% of IT professionals have witnessed clients suffer a major data loss event.

$1.7 Trillion

Data loss and associated downtime costs businesses an estimated $1.7 trillion per year.

Why Use Our Service

We’re Solely Focused on BDR as a Service

For almost two decades, our exclusive focus has been on providing a turnkey BDR service to clients.

We’re Always Watching

We monitor your company’s backups daily and test them periodically to ensure they are working properly and ready when you need them.

We’re Always Ready

When issues arise, our Concierge Rapid Restore Service means you’ll have a dedicated BDR expert assigned to your company to work with you and/or your IT team to get you back to business as usual quickly.

We’re Always Transparent

We don’t believe in hidden fees or add-ons. Everything you need (hardware, software, installation, training, support, monitoring, and disaster recovery) is included in one affordable monthly subscription.

How It Works at a Glance


Our Backup Manager creates complete copies of each physical/virtual server or workstation that a client chooses to back up. These backups are complete point-in-time (hourly) copies of the operating system, applications, and files on the machine, which means you can use our backups to quickly restore any machine to exactly the state it was in prior to any incident.


We install and maintain a small hardware appliance in your office that contains a local copy of your backups. Our technology also keeps this local copy synchronized with a copy in the cloud so you always have multiple copies in multiple locations.


Concierge Support & Rapid Restore

We provide our clients with direct access to BDR Experts who, in addition to daily monitoring and periodic testing of backups, are available (at no additional cost) to assist or directly handle any situation where a client needs to restore files/folders/volumes or entire systems from their backups.

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